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Who? (a poem)


Saturdays call for Saturdaysilly,on Saturdays I write something silly,something funny,just for laughs,not targeting anybody,just an attempt to bring some humour,hope you like.

Say who?
say what?
I’m sorry
I forgot
I thought
I would
but I could not

forever maybe
a gift
but in my mind
it’s short lived
I’m sorry
I tried
but gave up
after a
because not
much have you
my mind

now if
from here
you make an
impression fine
feeble chances
but maybe
I’ll remember
you next time

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

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Drifting Contemplations : Wisdom #1 (quotes)

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Low But Not Faded Yet (a poem)

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Drifting Contemplations:Senses-shayari(urdu)& translation

Sher (couplet) here in Roman Urdu:

hamaarey junoon mein koi kamee nahi thii
bas seyhat ney saath nahi diya
kuudhney hii waaley thei ishq key dariya mein
aen waqt hoash aa gaya


There was no dearth of passion
just that my health didn’t agree
I was about to dive into the river of love
in the nick of time my brain came to it’s senses (darn it)

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
© 2016
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Urdu is a beautiful language spoken in India,it is the official language of Pakistan.Urdu has it’s roots in Persian,shayari is poetry in Urdu,a couplet usually ends with a punch that brings the whole verse together.

Over The Years (a poem)

Long kisses and longer goodbyes
shrimp burgers and french fries
these things our dates comprised
and time spent apart we despised…
now sometimes I slip back in time
and memories of us flood my mind
and when I see you sleep
I feel the same love sincere and deep
the same like I always did
amazing that it hasn’t reduced even a bit…
I do fight and debate but it doesn’t mean I hate
can I when I think you’re my soulmate
it’s been only you since we met…
now in these busy days when we fit in a date
I can’t help but relate
these times to those
I’m glad we as ever are so close
and glad over the years our hearts never froze and above all trying times we rose
to become a great team…
I look back and I can’t help being amazed at how fantastic our journey together has been…
and what a greatest companion you’ve been…
Thank You

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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All images and content copyright 2016
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