testa e spalle trading 2016 - 1 (1) Orange is the colour

first message on dating site that binds him and me orange I craved for

Azienda:ìq-option-demo Srl Indirizzo: V. Grota Del Diau Zot 2 Cap: 34074 Città: Monfalcone Provincia: Gorizia Telefono: 0481 798845, 0481 790210 when he was growing inside me

follow url orange is his favourite colour even now orange is the light that is he bright orange coloured his dreams orange tinted his cheeks

source link tangy sweet bright his persona

fragrance of orange his words for me

orange is the colour that binds

mother and son and spreads happy

orange tinted skies he summons

orange like the sun he is bright and glee

©Seema Tabassum 2016

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© 2016

picture courtesy : Pixabay,com

My Abbu turned nine today,this is for him,written a while ago but had to put it up,ofcourse my first post has to be about Abbu.