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The Threshold (short story)

It was one of those days,her left facial muscles were twitching violently,specifically around her mouth,she didn’t know what to make of it,it was the first time something of this sort happened.
He could see that she was going through some turmoil lately,she’d laugh in fits,cry endlessly,just stare at the pages,break into a dance,jump of joy and break down again,it was pretty obvious she was upset,today when she asked him to check if he could see the twitching,he answered in the affirmative,stroked her hair,pulled her near and hugged her,she couldn’t stop the tears,then she inquired if something was to happen to her would he put her away,abandon her,he lifted her and placed her on his lap and held her tight and said “I’m never going to let go of you no matter how hard it gets,when all these years I put up with your insanity,anxiety,moodswings,your need to be alone,your need that pushed even me into solitude,while I craved company I found myself mostly alone,after all these years of selflessly being with you,after all these efforts I’m not going to give you up now,and now I’m not alone,I have our kids,they’ll get US through,you,I will hold close no matter what and if I miss you I’ll read your poems,I’ll find company there” …..she just then realised that her poems which were not complete yet were written in a bad handwriting,she had to rewrite them neatly and without wasting a moment she took a new notebook,her favourite handmade one and started writing,lost again in her world and he was left at the threshold,waiting for her to call his name……

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Mesmerised (poem)

Love…sometimes I wonder if love is a witch craft,do you have any other explanation for the way it feels,for the way it conquers all senses,takes over,we do the craziest of things and the bravest of things which we otherwise would never had done…had we not been so…mesmerised…
here is a poem which kind of captures the emotion(in my humble opinion)…I’ll play safe and say that I tried to capture,now you tell me if I managed to or failed…


I understand
when he talks
to me in clues
of rainbow hues…

but when we get
to conversing…
meaning escapes me…
I’m lost in his eyes…
so mesmerised…
that I cannot
he’s saying

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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Smash Me Orange (a poem)



2016 - 1 (1)

Orange is the colour

that binds him and me

orange I craved for

when he was growing inside me

orange is his favourite colour even now

orange is the light that is he

bright orange coloured his dreams

orange tinted his cheeks

tangy sweet bright his persona

fragrance of orange his words for me

orange is the colour that binds

mother and son and spreads happy

orange tinted skies he summons

orange like the sun he is bright and glee

©Seema Tabassum 2016

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My Abbu turned nine today,this is for him,written a while ago but had to put it up,ofcourse my first post has to be about Abbu.

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