Date: February 14, 2016

Happy 13th Wedding Anniversary Honey and a poem


Yes we did get married on Valentine’s Day,I say when you’re young you’re stupid,but I cannot change it,so let that be now.
When I sit to comprehend I am left only with wonderment,13 years of marriage,firstly I don’t feel that old,we don’t look that old,still in love,a lot has changed and a lot hasn’t,I usually see people the longer they are together the more they argue and fight,Taher and I are getting better at expecting reactions so the conflicts are avoided even before they start,in a marriage if you can avoid arguments you can live,besides I’d be a fool to,with someone as flawless as Taher it is impossible to even come up with an argument,I wonder sometimes if Taher is poor to have me as his partner with my eccentricities and all,but I’m thankful that I have his love,warmth,company,name,respect and security in a male dominated world,he’s my shield and though I take us for granted I truly am grateful that he accepted me as his wife,and yes it was me who proposed and pursued.

There are most beautiful days when we have time together,I love that he lets me soar and is a gentleman of a rare kind sure.
The picture of Taher’s letter above which he wrote to me in October was at a time when I was not posting anything on my blog for two weeks and Taher didn’t know what to do on facebook,I found it so touching that he wrote that,treasure and cherish the memories.
I have always said,with Taher all the colours come alive and when I look back these 13 years were only laughters,rolling on the floor laughters,only he makes me laugh so hard,sure life’s no bed of roses but mostly fragrant are our days.
Thank you Honey,for your hand,support,love,friendship,warmth,understanding and attention,love you a ton,will always,you are sacred to me,forgive my shortcomings and indulgences and please don’t change ever,thank you,love you.

Your Love (poem)

Your love your words they inspire me and all that is you
evoke in me emotions beautiful
I fought for too long in vain
I though I could resist it but resistance
is something you build
for ugly not for love-filled
Your big dewy eyes melt glaciers
and all I had between us was my fears
now when your kind words melt my hardened heart
I wonder if I was blind to not know from the start
that your words your love serve as respite
from the darkness that is life
you fill the void that had become me
your words your love now sustain me
I am for those grateful eternally
your words your love put the spotlight back on me.

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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Encompassment (poem)

I wake up frantic in the afternoons
I wake up sweating in the nights
I sleep never but my mind in deep slumber
infinite time between us but swiftly passes
with each moment taking you away from me
worry that you’ll fade from my memory
linger on forever
cut me bleed me
just don’t ever leave me
I wouldn’t know how to breathe
my heart won’t be able to bear it
stay etched in my mind
engraved on my soul
be in my everyday life
stay so I can live
so I can live
so I can live
be the moon in my mornings
be the sun of my evenings
in all those infinite moments that make my life
stay stay stay by my side
don’t want to ever adapt to a life without you
stay for I love you like I can only love you
be all around me
surround me
encompass my world
smother me with your love
grant me death where we are dying together
hold me forever
hold me forever
burn the world if it is the distance between us
encompassed let be my universe by your love
burn me up
never love enough
never be enough
let it drive me nuts
let it race my pulse
let’s burn the world with our love
blessing or a curse
to love like us
encompasses our love this empty universe

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

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