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Contrasting Lives

How many songs have we heard on “Life”,especially in Hindustani(Indian).
There are a number of beautiful songs which describe life,some describe them as beautiful and some as painful.While we sit and analyze how life is,try to give it some meaning with our words or describe the essence of what it means to us,there are lives which have no meaning at all,and minds which have no sense of what life is,which don’t have the luxury of the ability to understand what life is to them,except a struggle,a battle,struggle for a morsel of food,for a place in the shade in summer,for dry feet in the rainy season,for a warm place and a roof over their heads during winters,for a kind gesture,for a generous word,for a sympathetic,if not loving glance.
While I want the perfect cup of tea,there are people who look for food in garbage piles,while I sulk over powercuts and potholes,there are those who live in the dark,on the roads.While I get irritated over minor inconveniences,there are those,for whom life itself is a big inconvenience.While I want attention,there are those who live invisible lives.While our lives are too short to enjoy,their lives are too long to endure.Life is unfair,true,but to such an extent !!
I would ofcourse never,ever want to live a life like my poor brothers and sisters,but I do empathize with them,I feel for them.I know how it is to be hungry,cold,wet,scared and invisible.I wish I was brave enough or kind enough or had the resources to take a hand from among those hundreds of begging hands and turn that life around,maybe someday.
For now,I have no choice but to do little things,tiny things for them and be grateful to God for all the great things I have and for only minor inconveniences life throws at me.I’m grateful my life means something to a handful of people.I’m grateful for the knowledge I have to understand songs on life,grateful for the sensibility I have,to be able to relate to the songs,happy or sad,grateful to be able to derive meaning from those songs.

Life’s good,when on my plate there’s food.
Life’s fine,as long as i’m not standing for clothes in a beggar’s line.
Life’s not a pain,when I’m not soaking wet in the rain.
Life’s beautiful,when I have my family with me
to make my day cheerful.

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Silver Linings #2 (journal)

Superman is dead!!! nooo… i had a real hard time sleeping last night,I need closure what happens to Superman… yesterday we saw the movie ‘Batman vs. Superman -Dawn of Justice’ I had to,for Abbu to make fresh memories with him,hoping when he grows up and watches a a Superman movie with his kid he’ll remember me and ofcourse I cannot miss a Superman movie for similar reasons,when I’m watching Superman my Dad watches with me,I feel like a kid again and all those memories come right back,hate that my memories of my Daddy are mostly of movies,I have to keep going to the movies to relive those times,I wish we had memories of other places too,but great that I did have this bonding time with my kid,though I’m pretty sure when Abbu grows up and watches Superman I won’t be anywhere on his mind,it’ll be his father all the way,suddenly I feel lonely when I think of that,what am I leaving behind I wonder… about the movie,well it was okay because it had Superman but Ben Affleck!!! as Batman!! I have nothing against him but I have to say that he’s the lousiest Batman ever,I like Christian Bale,he suits the part,this Batman had a hard time even breathing is what I felt,or maybe they showed him in that light because Batman’s old now,yes,or it makes no sense..and the plot!!! what plot?? yes that’s my reaction but understandable,how many stories can one make… best part was we three after a long time bonded over dinner outside and a movie through which Taher got to sleep,it was a late night show 22:45-01:15 and the plot was… so can’t really blame him,so all were happy,I relived childhood’s favourite memories,Abbu made some great memories(he loved the movie by the way,was arguing with us both for not liking it),Taher got some sleep while still being Abbu’s hero …not a bad way to end a Monday.

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Silver Linings #1 (journal)

It’s after ages that I’m feeling pain,I don’t know if it is my leg that’s hurting or my heart,I’m drowning,not frowning,drowning,just Saturday I told Mom I don’t feel 36,feel like a 16 year old,energy and enthusiasm wise,then just that day I met with an accident,a minor one, I fell on my left side,bike on my left leg and hurt some,clothes tore too,knee’s swollen and hurts much,aches from the knee to the toes,can’t curl the last three, Sunday I realised my hands and back hurts too,nothing is broken and no bruises,it’s all internal,I went from 16 to 46 in an evening …
made me realise in life you think you’re ready for anything,any kind of a blow that life can throw at you but then you know there is nothing that can prepare you,no matter how much you’re prepared or brace yourself for the impact,you are going to get hit and tossed around in the bus that is life maybe thrown out of the window too breaking all your bones,you are never prepared,no matter how much you practice or how many times you’ve been through heartache,each time it is a new way in which it hurts,our hearts keep finding new places to expose themselves I guess,because each time it hurts differently,matters of the heart are unpredictable,you cannot say for sure how you’ll react to heartache,you might think you are calm and composed but something might break and give way you just might lose it all,that is the enigma,now it just drowns me to know that my heart is so fragile,though I thought/think it is tough it can take much but it can take none,it likes playing with my brain or maybe they both are playing and I’m suffering,brain thinks it can handle anything but goes spinning at the slighest gesture,heart thinks it’s tough has seen enough but gets washed off of blood at the meekest wave of indifference,and now my body is aiding these two and feels like the whole world is drowning…I hate this,hope it passes soon….it’s rattling but it’s gratifying to know that I’m not dead yet,yay I feel stuff,great!!

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Drifting Contemplations: Something Silly-Your(micropoetry)

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In Oblivion (poem)

but never forgotten…
blooming in colours
but smells rotten…
my love for you
my life it shortens…
I worry and worry
if you are warm or frozen…
if there is light in your life
or are the days darkened…
if you have someone to care
or are you lonesome…

my festivals about you…
lost in your thoughts’ my celebration…
it is bright and beautiful in my mind
even though I was forsaken…
it doesn’t matter much…
it never was you
only my obsession…

both of us…
in oblivion…

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