Today I’m truly on the brink
questioning everything
have lost faith in myself
in despair I dwell
I loathe that I feel so much
miss all friends especially you much
but those memories I clutch
it hurts that you don’t even try to keep in touch
one whole year has passed since we’ve spoken or texted
what did I do so wrong that you never invested
your time and love in me in us
what did I do to mess this up
tell me you
you know you
sweet friend of mine
once upon a time
you were my reasons to smile
my bright sunshine
I did my part too and well
but you always very distant
what changed
that you could no more pretend
oh wait you said you don’t read
not prose nor poetry
but you could for me right
what are friends for right
you know I don’t reach out first
could you not be understanding of that
I wonder if I’m welcome
hence I maintain a certain distance
but you let a whole year pass
my heart’s a glass
you know how I hurt
you know how it cuts
you were my best friend God dammit
oh yes sorry no saying dammit
I remember I remember
your name on my heartbeat
always always after all 22 years of friendship
please give me a call
break down this wall
talk to me
revive me
please don’t test me
please please please
you hate to hear I know
but I love you forevermore
I miss us I do
I miss us loads
please recall our friendship
please today save me
I hope you read this
I hope you do
I hope you did
I hope you did
I hope you see my heart
I hope you know how it hurts
I hope you remember me still
please reach out don’t kill
me with your indifference
please kill the distance
kill the silence

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : http://pixabay.com