HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY… but I always have believed that I’d be happier if I was a man,you have to take into consideration the fact that I’m a woman living in INDIA.The BBC documentary on the Delhi rape case titled ‘India’s Daughter’ is enough for you to know why,but I’m going to give you those reasons anyway.

1.I’d be more appreciated,loved and missed if I were the father,because fathers are not around 24/7,don’t discipline much and well,slog for the family(household chores no matter how tedious and never ending, don’t really fall into the ‘slogging’ category in the kid’s mind).
2.I’d be able to pick up a fight with or even punch a guy who honks non-stop right next to my ear(even when the signal’s red and nobody can move an inch),or anybody who violates traffic rules when I’m around,or any rules for that matter,I can’t stand people who break rules but as a woman I can’t really punch somebody(how I wish though).
3.I would be able to roam the streets and come home late,whenever I felt like, without being asked a hundred questions by family and without being judged by people on the road or by neighbours.
4.I’d be able to drink ‘cutting chai’ at the neighbourhood Irani cafe without being looked at,say,more than a hundred times.
5.I would be able to travel alone,anywhere,everywhere,the length and breadth of India without being bothered and scared and without having to look over my shoulder every second, the whole time I’m on that roadtrip.
6.I’d be able to go and watch a movie alone without having everybody looking at me like I’m some weirdo or a ‘sl*t'(that’s actually a more suitable word in this scenario).
7.I’d be able to hang out with my friends the whole night and that can be right outside my house without being disturbed or yelled at.
8.I’d be able to eat alone in a restaurant,without getting second looks.
9.My family’s ‘honour’ would not be mine to bear,in my own home or in my in-laws’ home or everytime I step out of the house and THAT would be such a relief.
10.I would not be judged for the clothes I choose to wear.
11.The best,I’d be able to say “Because I’m a guy and I can do that” anytime I had no other justifiable answer for my actions.
These were my 11 reaons though I’m sure I can come up with more,maybe next time, BUT I have one great reason I’m grateful I’m a woman and that is being a mother to Abbu,I carried him nine months inside me and that is like the best gift/reward for being born a woman,I guess I can live with that,well,I have no choice.

Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women I know and also to those I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing,yet,more power to us.

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