The winds bring fragrance
of you to me my beautiful
the sweet sour fragrance
of adolescence

I was at that sweet sour
stage of life myself
when I first met you
you lured me with your
colour and scent
that lingered in the air
where you stood magnificent

I touched you stroking gently
and you stayed with me
throughout the day on
my fingertips and senses
I got so addicted to your sight
that I went looking for you far and wide
saw you bloom in varied hues
pleasing everybody who met you

I long to touch you and take in
your fragrance your sublime presence
I long to capture in my mind
and sight and senses your essence

I’m hopeful that I’ll see you again
atleast once
hopeful that I won’t
be deprived
something that I pray
so consistently and diligently for
hopeful that we’ll meet again my beautiful
hopeful that I’ll be mesmerised again
by your magnificent fragility sight and scent
hopeful that the heavens will unite us again

till then rest assured my delicate
that I carry you in my heart
like I did all these years
the sweetest memory
the sweet sour reminiscence
keeps me going about
I make do with imagining
and your pictures
in my heart I know I’ll see you
please ‘Ume-sakura’ pray
pray that we meet again
pray my dear plum blossom
that we meet again

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
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