Today’s Saturday Silly is more mocking myself than being silly but silly I find the kind of stuff that goes in my head,so this is for me being silly,thinking I got it bad when there are millions who’ll die to be in my bad,so yes this is supposed to be a knock on my head hoping I’ll wake up.

I see you and put you
in a high place
but you keep falling
from there into disgrace

Now you deserve to be
on the ground with face down
because this is truly
where you belong

I try to make you see
roses and sunshine
but all you see is dark
and endlessly whine

With all that chaos and storms
in your mind compartment
you deserve to be punished
with solitary confinement

You should then be
given only a rock to eat
with the acid that runs so rampant
I bet you should be able to digest it

Then be left to rot there
if you so like dark and lonely
should be forgotten till you learn
to appreciate sunshine and company

This is not me angry at myself
but only showing some tough love
a smack on my head hard
so I from this somber-slumber wake up

It’s spring smell the roses
wake up you silly
see the flowers bloom
in hues of tulips and lillies

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
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picture courtesy : https://unsplash.com/