I wrote you a million lines
which one would you like to read

about your eyes
your smile
your voice
your words for me
or how you call my name
how that drives me insane

about how you light up my world
how you make me laugh
how you are a torment to my heart
how vulnerable you make me
how I endure your torture
how you make me blush
how you give me a sugar rush
how I die and live to hear you
how living without you is impossible
how my dreams are about you
how you have my heart in your hand
how it feels to be in love with you
how you make me dizzy and
uplift me with your gaze and words
how your voice just echoes and echoes
how that blows my mind
how that takes me high
and brings me down
how in this paradox that is your love
or my love for you I drown

about how I can love you
like I can only love you
and how I can hate you
like I can only hate you

now what would you like to read
can I have your order please

thank you

love you

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

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