The sun the moon the stars all inside me I find
blood some companions some spread across my soul’s sky

I look deep into myself only to find others dwell
all these residents here overcrowd and in numbers swell

In the lanes of my soul I find myself nowhere
wonder if I arrived late or if I was ever there

Understand I do why my steps pause
too many people to admire while I’m forever the lost cause

These people they shine with a consistent light
while lurking in the dark I am they never cease to burn bright

I know perfect how and who and what I aspire to be
I’m sure when I inch even a speck closer I’ll find self love within me

Continuous my struggle but I march on with my intentions pure
one day the gates will open when my conscience’s crystal clear

My wait for that day is most desperate and staple
when I shall rejoice in the company of these magnificent people

All will be peaceful then marvellous will be my growth
dazzling and bright then self love will smoothly flow


©Seema Tabassum 2015
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picture courtesy : pixabay.com