It’s so sad that the magic is fading
I wanted to hold onto this a bit more

So sad your grip is loosening
I wanted to suffocate more

So sad that the memories are blurring
the torture was humbling

So sad your indifference is proving ineffective now
I wanted the cold to cut deeper

So sad everything’s getting back to perfect
it was a nice change the imperfection

So sad everything is getting mundane
I was beginning to enjoy the thrill

So sad you’re leaving
I was getting comfortable with the torment

So sad my world is returning to shiny and dazzling
the somber was cozy

So sad I’m strong that way
I wanted to wallow in the pain

So sad even people have expiry dates
Trust me if I could I’d never let you go stale

So sad you took the grays with you
You know gray was my most favourite hue
most favourite

So sad it’s goodbye

So sad

Terrible infact

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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picture courtesy : pixabay.com