She fell in love with the sight of him three weeks ago on the last bus which she took home every Friday,today was Friday too,he seemed to board the same bus on a route that they had in common but they shared this bus only once a week,other days she went home much early,now of him she knew only his face,how he felt in her heart and his voice when she overheard him speaking on the phone and that was enough for her to fall in love for eternity or so she felt.

He on the other hand showed no interest or even smiled,maybe he was oblivious even to her existence,but with each Friday she felt she was falling harder,breathing harder to keep her body running,with the heart so heavy it was a task,she was practically dragging her heart behind her,pulling it leaving behind clusters of blood with all that dragging,
now she had to know how this will end,it was killing her to feel like this,she had to,had to,find out how it ends,she decided she’ll write about how she felt about him,let him know,speed the God damn process,know the end,get through it,get over it,she wanted him to know how she feels about him and wanted to discover how he does,about her,but in her heart of hearts she wanted his love all for herself,in her heart of hearts she believed it was most probable that he noticed her,she hoped at least her letter to him would make him see that her kind of love was the most special,she dreamed that letter would change everything,make him see her and she wrote with all her heart,with the passion she felt,she wrote hoping to win him,hoping to leave behind something that tugs at his heart….it read…


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