Date: May 25, 2016

Stark Contrast (poem)

Stark Contrast…a poem on how the light of him saves my day…

Your love’s the full moon in the sky
my heart’s the dark night…
your words sew together my heart
when my fragilities tear it apart…
my soul’s dark somber diseased
but your smile is magic…
it’s dazzling shine revives
something long dead inside…
your touch ignites warms and tends
nurtures me fills my broken…
your eyes light-filled and your gaze soft
mends me and I’m lost…
in the milky way of your arms
only there resides my solace my calm…
your light and my dark
a contrast stark…
like twinkling stars in the deep night
decorates the sky…
the splendor of our love
the world witnesses each time it looks up

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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