Each time you came
every time you left
you dug a hole
through my chest
now when breeze through
my heart passes
it makes some
really sweet noises
like it’s whistling
like a flute playing
as if in your love
my heart’s humming

I’m celebrating
my heart’s whistling
my heart’s humming
from summer to spring
I’m celebrating
knowing unconditional love
I’m celebrating learning keeping
cool through moments anxious
I’m celebrating letting go
while also belonging
I’m celebrating knowing pleasure
of love and heartache excruciating
I’m celebrating knowing
warmth and bliss
also for being introduced
to the cold and emptiness

I’m celebrating
falling and rising
celebrating succeeding little
but massively failing
in remaining unperturbed
by the storms of love
I’m celebrating
the love story of us

I’m celebrating
the full circling
I’m celebrating being in love
from a summer to a spring

but only that day it was raining
that fateful day it was raining

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©http://lifeshues.org 2016
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