I’ve never written anything for you
but today I’m going to dig deep,
all through these layers of people
who in my heart I keep.
You are buried deep down
sometimes I’m ashamed,
I have to look for you amongst people long gone
from my life,who now can never partake.
You know I don’t possess much of you
and in a way that’s no loss,
because I don’t want you to be
associated with any of my flaws.
Ofcourse you have your own
but I know now where those stemmed from,
you know that it’s all great now
because it’s all in the past and our now is awesome.
You are my strength
and I always put you last,
this summer was an eye-opener though
made me realise what a fool I was.
Mommy dearest,as I write this
I can’t stop my eyes from welling up,
just to think that I showed you poems I wrote
for all but never showed in writing towards you my love.
But it’s never too late
to startover,
never too late to straighten things up
and give our love a little makeover.
I’ll start by saying something
I tell Taher everyday,
that I can try but like you I can never be
because you were made from the finest clay.
You are awesome,I admire and aspire to be
like you,a great seamstress and your efficiency
I admire most,also your discipline,courage,
chirpiness,perseverance and punctuality.
I know you always tell me
that I can be what I want to be,
if only I try but I find that impossible
this apple mother dearest has fallen far from the tree.
You are so special that you’ve won
Taher over and Abbu,Abbu loves you too much,
they both are crazy about you
your kindness and concern has that magical touch.
So this is extra special Mama
I’ve said all that I over these years wanted to say,
but yes I hate how you all become one and gang up against me
now we all will gang up to wish you a very Happy Birthday.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
©http://lifeshues.org 2015
All content and images copyright 2015
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*this was written last year,since I’m updating posts from my old blog to here,I’m posting this today on my Mom’s b’day,hope you like.