Date: June 17, 2016

Drifting Contemplations: Words (micropoetry)

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Insignificant (poem)

Tastylia Order 20 MG I see it’s there
it’s comforting still
though I also know
it’s there
for it cannot be moved
to elsewhere
it’s irrelevance
is obvious
but it stays
for you don’t
want to show
you care

source or
you in fact
don’t care

enter so it’s just there
because it was placed
cannot be discarded
for it would mean
that you see it
which you don’t want to show
that you know
of it’s presence

corsi gratuiti per trading it cramps your place
but you won’t get rid
of it
it will sit there
run rancid
but you won’t move it for you don’t want to show

optionbit com it lps seven trade or because maybe you truly don’t care
are so preoccupied with your thoughts
that the thought of it occurs to you not
your thoughts travel not
so you know not
that it’s stinking
left to rot
without attending but to me it’s comforting
to know that it’s there
under a pile
covered in moss
if it’s under water
or covered with fungus
if it’s left in some corner
on the floor to me it’s reassuring though
that it has a place
at least on some water seeping shelf
of your place
it has not been returned
that in itself is worth a celebration

I can live with that

sometimes I wonder
if the mere presence
of the sun rays of your aura
that disperse even before touching it
are reason enough
are enough source
is warmth enough
nourishment enough
life-support enough

for this piece of heart of mine
to keep it throbbing enough
beating enough
to throb and beat for you
in your love

it is celebration enough
that you haven’t returned it

comforting enough

comforting enough

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

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