Date: August 25, 2016

Fragrant Onset Of A New Day (poem)

rencontre 35 ans et plus As soon as we wake up
our feet take us to the bed on which you sleep…
it comes as naturally as breathing
now a deeply embedded habit…
we find ourselves on your bed
lying on your sheets…
that place we feel like we’re in your arms
for those sheets wear the smell of your skin…
from it’s onset the day is fragrant
and sunshine of your presence is always lingering…
on your bed we hug and cuddle each other too
we mother and son both are crazy about you our darling ©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved Happy Birthday Honey,thank you for always being fragrantly you. Another poem which was written for us is Stark Contrast

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Colours Of My Life (poem for my hubby)

buy generic Pregabalin online binäre optionen forum erfahrungen Colours…Today is my hubby’s birthday and I’m sharing an old poem of mine on this new blog for the first time and this is the poem that I had written for him even before I started blogging,in fact this is the very poem which inspired me to start a blog and the name of my blog too comes from here,this poem,I can say was the beginning of this whole new journey of mine,one which led me to you,I’m glad that this poem doesn’t remain in my journal anymore and is out for you to read and these pictures of my hubby are all from a beautiful time in our lives,where it was all too dreamy,though these pictures are very old,I do need to have them here,I hope you understand.

opzioni digitali posso scommettere all ultimo minuto COLOURS OF MY LIFE

follow There are good days and there are bad nights,
there are agreements and there are fights.
There is laughter and there are tears,
there is faith and there are fears.
There are confessions and there are denials,
there are times of joy and times of trials.
There is me and there is you,
and like us there are few.
We are completely independent and independently incomplete,
somewhat like how the sea and the sky at the horizon meet.
But our horizon isn’t a mere illusion,
it’s our differences in unison.
Contrary to how partners in life are expected to be,
we may not always with each other be happy.
But as long as we have each other to hold,
in our hearts we have our homes.
To conclude I will say that
I don’t know about my influences on you,
but Honey,the colours in my life are only because of you.

Get money for testing products drugs ©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

milestiba un citas katastrofas online Happy Birthday Honey,thank you for always being you.

source site here’s a link to another poem written for us,titled Over The Years


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