She…there are so many shes and hers that I see each day(mostly virtually),graceful,beautiful,eloquent writers,eloquent speakers,who weave magic with their words,inspire and encourage,give strength,this is for all of them and also to those amazing women who I know exist but I haven’t met yet…to all that is graceful and beautiful in the world despite being flawed…my first 15words poem was especially written for my very graceful friend Chris Frazier,you can find her poetry here Chris Frazier

She was so
that even
her words
did a
when she

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

She was
over the
that was his
one poem
at a time

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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15words poetry is all thanks to a community in google plus which was started by it’s owner as a challenge to combat writers block and free up the mind of words.It became a challenge that many writers took up,and then grew into a community.The link to the community is 15 words a day
I’m a member here and it serves as a source of inspiration to me,it has helped me a lot in growing as a poet,yes,I always read micropoetry and marvelled at the talent of those who wrote,because it really is difficult to write a poem,make a point in short verse and 15words is another challenge all together,I’m hooked,I’ll be posting more of this,I hope you find the time to read.

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