Poetry…Why poetry? Because I have no choice I guess,one cannot say why things come to them,they just do,when I feel something I write,those could be my own or borrowed emotions,I watch something and empathize with the character in the movie or the protagonist in a book(not that I read many books) or get inspired by someone else’s poetry,I have no say in how my ink flows,I do not control it,it just does,if I could change what I write I would first try to write better,but like I said it just comes,the micropoetry below is a poetic way of saying why and this is me,my emotions,exactly why I write,to leave something behind and to express love…
if you are a poet/writer,tell me why do you write or what makes you write is the right question I think…

Head in the clouds
and feet on unstable ground…
trying to find my rainbow
in the drought…
leaving behind a hazy poetic trail
in the hope of being one day found

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016

every morning
I wake up thinking
of how to tell you
the same thing differently…
that humble attempt
at giving
‘love you’ new words
has strung a poet out of me

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
All rights reserved

picture courtesy : pixabay.com

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