Before you read I have to tell you that I wrote this just weeks after my father passed,back then the title ‘Miss You Daddy’ felt appropriate and so it stayed,I was little still,only fourteen,so this is very childish and over-dramatic,we Indians are dramatic by nature but I am not the same girl anymore (just saying)…I’m sharing this poem regardless,maybe you’ll see the sincerity with which this was written…
And the video that I’m sharing here is from the very time my life got dark,this song would bring floods of tears each time it was heard and it was a constant on the T.V then.It was my father who taught me how to cycle,it was he who first let go and I’ve loved cycling since then hence this song is all the more special for the memories it brings,also there’s a scene in the song towards the end where the father carries his child and dances,my Daddy used to do that with me and he had a special tune for it,thankfully I still remember the tune and it’s a big part of my life,even today…
the meaning of the song in short is ‘you are my heart,you are my life,you are naive and you are a monster…you are alone and I’m lonely,but when in life we have each other there’s no place for sadness’

Miss You Daddy

Oh Daddy where are you?
I don’t know where to search for you,
I don’t know if I’ll ever find you,
I love you lots,I think you know,
then why did you leave me and go?
But I always feel you are somewhere near me,
Daddy I call you so many times,can’t you hear me?
Daddy without you I am so incomplete,
your heart was so clean and neat,
then why did God take you up so soon?
To me and my life you were such a boon.
Daddy without you I feel so empty,
You can’t come back is there no possibilty?
Daddy I am down on my knees,
I’m begging you please,
I swear all the mischief I’ll cease,
your loving words keep ringing in my ears,
what can I do but shed tears.
Daddy please come back to me,
hold my hand and lead,
I love you loads and I’m missing you loads.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
© 2015
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