3 days-3 quotes Challenge was given to me by my sweetest and kindest Sumyanna Writes …I am thankful and excited about this,if you have read my blog you must know that I right a lot of quotes,micropoetry but I love these challenges,be it quotes or a few word stories or writing for a word prompt,actually I was never fond of prompt-writing,I always wanted poetry to be about what comes from within me but some days there is nothing that comes,then came along Sum and she tagged me to a prompt one day and I wrote and she encouraged me to write more and to believe in that a writer/poet can write for/about/on anything or should be able to,that stays with me even today,now everything is a prompt,I’m looking outside more than in these days,looking into stuff I would have otherwise not noticed and if you know Sumyanna or have read her poems you’ll know what I mean,she takes notice of every tiny detail and can write a poem even about the lines on the wings of a bee,true fact.
I was going through a low phase this past week,I have bouts of these,my struggle with myself,all in the inside,less sleep and lots of coffee seems to aggravate it and the sun not shining adds,but this challenge gave me reasons to smile,this post I dedicate to Sum and for the light that she is,I thank her for remembering me and urge her to believe me when I say that it really made my day to feel like our friendship matters,in this world where there is a dearth of true friends,we’ve survived,we’ve held on,if not for Sum many of my poems would never have been written,some of my good poems are those that I wrote for her ten-word prompts.The following quote is about acceptance,individuality,expectations…change.I hope it makes sense to you.

If you ask me to change…
that will be ripping me at the seams
that are woven at the edges
where I meet with myself

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