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Exquisite Fall (poem)

The leaves in autumn look beautiful dancing and flowing with the wind,they make fall(ing) look exquisite,death looks beautiful,desirable too,poetic demise is what it is(in my opinion).Falling in love is also so much like these leaves falling right,we know we are heading towards pain and agony but we willingly,in fact desperately seek love,seek death,splendid death…

When leaves fly around endlessly…
when they enjoy floating carelessly…
when they blush vibrant
swirl and dance upon being carried…
I hope they remind you of me…
for I was a leaf and you were the wind
to your music I had gleefully submitted…
closer to my death that got me drifting
but you made it look so darn exquisite…
that I’m in love more with the process…
I’d with a smile embrace a thousand deaths…
be born anew
only to fall rapidly for you…
die wither burn and decay
do it all over again…
for this agony that you cause
is the sweetest pain of them all…

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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Never `So Long’

Never `so long’…not to summer,not to love…

When leaves abandon trees
and elope with the winds…
when at the threshold of a monochrome
winter you see yourself standing…
walk backwards in your head and
visit our only summer together…
from sunshine and rainbows of stolen glances
collect warmth and colour…
carry those with you
to get you through till spring…
I’ll be buried right where we left
so when again buds start blossoming…
bring your fragrant presence
to my heart to where you belong…
we’ll start afresh
for there’s never a `so long’…
never `so long’

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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If you don’t believe my love for summer,read this.I don’t bluff.

This is also my submission for Monday Morning Melts #1

Drifting Contemplations: Fall (micropoetry)

Fall for Fall,do you? I used to,but now where I live leaves do leave but not as dramatically as in the Northern Hemisphere,so I take pleasure in seeing pictures that my friends upload on their blogs and social media or Pinterest,if you need inspiration Pinterest is the perfect place,pictures in the hundreds on Autumn or any other season for that matter,bliss it is just getting lost in the beauty of Autumn,now this season(and yes winter too)is also about desserts and coffee don’t you think and books(I don’t get to read much but hey,I read a ton of poems).
When I think of autumn only one thing comes to mind…burning,everything’s burning…is it only me? What comes to your mind when you think of autumn?
I don’t know if you’ll like these but if you do or don’t let me know,thank you,I’m going to be posting a few more on this splendid season do take a look.

The leaves that fall…
spread on the ground
for you to walk on
and to get crushed
under your feet…
are heartfelt verses
of my poetree

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

Tonight we fall like autumn leaves…
but not before burning to a crimson deep

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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Autumn Left (poem)

Autumn is such a muse…many poets have written hundreds of poems for this season,to me it symbolizes both a farewell and a hello,it depends on how we perceive it I guess and that’s why it serves as a great prompt for writing poems,this was written last year on my Blogger blog,I thought I’ll start Autumn with this poem here,I’ll be writing a few more posts for it is my most favourite season for the memories I have of autumn in Japan,though in India where I live now it is subtle.
Which is your favourite season and what does autumn mean to you,a beginning or an end?

Memories gathered
by sensuous lips
whispering sweet lullabies

A continuous tide
of times gone by
captured inside her eyes

Unlike autumn leaves
memories invincible
in vain she tries

her whispers unheard
thick fog of distance hinders
in silence she cries

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A prompt is a line or lines,a word,a picture that is used by a poet as inspiration to write,like an exercise,here the first two stanzas were the prompt from my friend whose poems you can read at , the last two stanzas were written by me,together this makes a collaboration.

Drifting Contemplations: Poetry #2 (micropoetry)

Why do I write…I have to tell you though I don’t need to but I want to,because most times people assume that poetry is the heart conversing to whoever who’s willing to listen(read in this case),I cannot speak for others but all my poetry is just that,poetry…an escape for me from everyday life so I imagine scenes and pen them down though some are true like the second one here,so it’s always a mix,some poems I might have written ages ago,some I have to write especially for a theme when I write these drifting contemplations to make two of one theme,all for the fun and sake of writing,some times I’m prompted to write for a word,a few word stories or a picture prompt in my groups then those later I add here,so the reason to write is basically the love for writing or like often it just comes to me even when I’m not thinking about writing at all,I think all my poet friends can relate to this,so I write because it’s one thing that I enjoy doing…I hope you like these two micropoems,to me love is also poetry,don’t you think?

His ignorant eyes
couldn’t read…
his name spilled
across my poetry

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

I’m in
with the
he writes
on my
with his

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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