What’s not in a name !!! …I think it is the most essential part of our identity,I give a lot of importance to a name for it is with which you call somebody you love(of course everybody),if you are not new to my world you must know that I’ve written many lines on the same topic,I get very inspired,I feel a lot of love when I call the people close to my heart,similarly when my dearest call me it rings special,I think it is beautiful,special,one should take pride,for it is the first thing people know about us,it’s a brand and a legacy,carries much weight,right…I’ll be writing more I’m sure…hope you like these name3a
What could I write that is
more beautiful than your name…

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today broken has a new name…mine
today torment has a new name…your’s

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fanime speed dating 2013 For an Urdu sher(couplet) kindly click here. Thank you. P.S.I coincidentally just today came across this in my facebook news feed,the meaning of `Seema’ even in my own language means `limitless’ or ‘the limit’ also ‘border’ but `Tabassum’ means `smile’,so it means I’m limitless and cheerful,I found it interesting so I’m sharing the screenshot of the picture here.
What does your’s mean?