Why do I write…I have to tell you though I don’t need to but I want to,because most times people assume that poetry is the heart conversing to whoever who’s willing to listen(read in this case),I cannot speak for others but all my poetry is just that,poetry…an escape for me from everyday life so I imagine scenes and pen them down though some are true like the second one here,so it’s always a mix,some poems I might have written ages ago,some I have to write especially for a theme when I write these drifting contemplations to make two of one theme,all for the fun and sake of writing,some times I’m prompted to write for a word,a few word stories or a picture prompt in my groups then those later I add here,so the reason to write is basically the love for writing or like often it just comes to me even when I’m not thinking about writing at all,I think all my poet friends can relate to this,so I write because it’s one thing that I enjoy doing…I hope you like these two micropoems,to me love is also poetry,don’t you think? poetry2a
His ignorant eyes
couldn’t read…
his name spilled
across my poetry

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I’m in
with the
he writes
on my
with his

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