Autumn is such a muse…many poets have written hundreds of poems for this season,to me it symbolizes both a farewell and a hello,it depends on how we perceive it I guess and that’s why it serves as a great prompt for writing poems,this was written last year on my Blogger blog,I thought I’ll start Autumn with this poem here,I’ll be writing a few more posts for it is my most favourite season for the memories I have of autumn in Japan,though in India where I live now it is subtle.
Which is your favourite season and what does autumn mean to you,a beginning or an end?

Memories gathered
by sensuous lips
whispering sweet lullabies

A continuous tide
of times gone by
captured inside her eyes

Unlike autumn leaves
memories invincible
in vain she tries

her whispers unheard
thick fog of distance hinders
in silence she cries

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A prompt is a line or lines,a word,a picture that is used by a poet as inspiration to write,like an exercise,here the first two stanzas were the prompt from my friend whose poems you can read at , the last two stanzas were written by me,together this makes a collaboration.