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Autumn (a poem by my son,Abbu)

I have always maintained that fall/autumn is a great season and a great muse,it managed to inspire even my eight year old son who wrote the following poem last year(personally,I love it)…

like the bottom of my heart
leaves falling
means my heart’s breaking
into two

Wind’s blowing
means my heart’s loving
branches moving
means my heart’s pumping
for you

Gale’s hitting
means my heart’s sad
leaves falling
means my heart’s upset
without you
This is autumn for me

This is actually a song Abbu(my nine year old boy) wrote and composed last year,I shared this on my Blogger blog last year itself,wanted to have it here on this blog too.The artwork is also my son’s work and the poem too is written in his handwriting,I’ve helped him with the words only in one place where I asked him to add ‘without you’ towards the end.He also has taught himself to strum a guitar(toy) to play the exact tune in which he sings,I find that awesome,I’ll upload a video someday,hopefully.
I showed him a beautiful poem by a friend of mine,Stormy Seas and he came up with this,said he was inspired to write about Autumn,hope you like..thank you.

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Drifitng Contemplations: Days (micropoetry)

We all have people in our lives who make or break our days,I find it fascinating how a smile or a hug from our loved ones makes the world of a difference,similarly the absence of someone important from our lives takes away the joy from our everyday,love,that’s why I say is a pain our whole world revolves around the people we love and unintentionally too,now who with a sane mind would want to be depressed or elated,excited at the drop of a hat and because of someone else’s treatment towards us or because of their presence or absence,now who would want to be a puppet,managed by hands that also have our hearts in their grips,such a pathetic thing love is or makes us while also being magical,making us feel like we’re under a spell…somedays I do wish we didn’t have hearts so we wouldn’t be at the mercy of others…

Please know that
there are days when
it kills me to breathe…
please also know
that those days
I’m thinking of you…

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

Any day with
even a glimpse
of you in it…
is a beautiful day

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