Date: January 16, 2017

Something Special for Abbu (from our very special friend)

This short but very sweet poem was written by my friend who has become Abbu’s(my ten year old son) friend too and Abbu and I love reading his poems and the great posts he shares on his BLOG,this beautiful gesture is most appreciated…

“Shub Naya Baras”
…or a dance for my young friend Abbu

Far from the pleasures of snow
There is my young friend Abbu
who, towards the starry vault, blew
a gaiety morning breeze like a rebirth
The most white and wonderful ice floe
was formed on a part of the Earth
All the fallen stars dance for Bada din
giving to all children a broad grin

2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry

Something Special for Abbu from my friends

This collection of sweet verses were written by dear friends from the Hall of Poets(a community on g+ where I was a moderator) last year… I cherish and appreciate this beautiful gesture,precious times…Abbu of course loves this.

Happy Birthday Abbu

(Seema Tabassum , be proud of your little son! Happy B’day to
our dear Abbu, and may there be many more)

Yumna behn’s words

Let the stars dance
Hey! Don’t miss this chance
A day ahead is…
Full of birthday bliss.

He is an orange ball
For Seema, his love’s so tall
For the party, please make a call
And trio shall set a stall.

Today is his day,
A special day;
Today is his birthday
In a glamourous way.

The flowers will bloom
And balloons will burst and doom.
With love and blessings we’ll loom;
Oh! Someone adorn him as a groom.

As four and four makes eight
And Seema appa bakes a cake …
Nobody shall get late;
To wish this child birthday belate.

And we all sing in harmony:
Seema’s honey shall enjoy in money,
Live long and blessed; this tiny
And smile as a sweet, cute bunny. ^_^

We pray and pray for his long life
That, strong and strong gets his stipe
Sadness and sorrows all shall wipe
And may he get a good well wife

#trio ‘s words :

He pens our wishes
He paints our hopes.
Impelled by the flood
Of the desires of mother
The sun rises from ocean
with a smile on his face

He captivates us with
His artistic charms
May he grow up beyond
what we can imagine

The glee of mother earth
Strengthens its root.
The tree of desires
Shall bear its fruit.

Lost in your charms
we wish you b’day
Lost be our counts
Grow beyond our hopes!

Happy Birthday Abbu, and many many happy returns of the day!

Prerna di’s special words :

“may lord bless your son
like the sun shines in the blue sky”

(c) #pento
Yumnah Razzaq
Kiron Krishnan, Ayurveera Raja, Lord Indra,
And Dr. Prerna Singla 2015

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