`Better Mornings Best’ was written to Abbu(my ten year old kid) when he was eight years old,had to put this here on this blog,I still do feel this way and when I read this it gives me great joy to realize that Abbu hasn’t changed much,still very loving and sweet…

Dearest Abbu,
I see your pretty face first thing in the morning
and my morning’s automatically Good…
I see your hair flying in front of my face on the bike while I drive you to school
and I get to be so close to you almost like hugging you from behind all along the way
and I hear you speak in that sweetheart honey voice and
my morning’s Better…
I drop you and come home and it’s so quiet and peaceful and I’m not running
you are not here making any noise and my morning’s Best!!!…
But honestly I like Better mornings best
Love you and miss you and blow a thousand kisses to you when you are not around…
hate the silence that comes with your absence though you know how much I love quiet.
Will see you soon though…
in just some hours.

With Love,

This is for my sweetheart Abbu,it’s so quiet when he’s gone that I can hear my heartbeat and I get most of my stuff done but I like when I have to ask him to keep it low,those noises I love to no end.Such a doll Abbu is,from time to time he’ll come out of his room and kiss me and go back to what he was doing before.Sometimes I wonder if he needs to kiss and hug me or he does that because he knows I do.
Life is good,MashaAllah and Alhumdulillah(Thank God),thanks to the love and joy his little hands,beautiful eyes,sweet voice bring.

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