Muse and musings and the poet, I don’t know what to say about my muse, I’m not even sure if I have one, I mean if I have only one, are we supposed to have only one? Maybe my mind is fickle, kidding, I find myself inspired by anything, everything and also nothing, maybe in my case the nothingness is what begets my poetry, the numbness could be my most favourite muse, I find myself writing just because my pen needs a run, but sometimes I write from heart too when I’m overwhelmed by emotions, it used to be a lot of heart earlier and so my tag line was `straight from the heart’ which I changed because now honestly it is more an exercise, but here, this post is all heart, his effects, his beautiful eyes and voice, hope you like…

drunk on
your voice…
my mind spews poetry

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

I read
the best poetry
in your eyes

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
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