Inkomplete Without You

I made a quill of my eyelashes
and wrote on the ground on which you walk …
hoping the tears and ink and blood
will make you in your footsteps stop …
but you walked all over my poetry
and left footprints in ink …
now I am going to frame our work
it’s a masterpiece under sensibilities’ draping…
my ink…your footprints

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016

This poem is to celebrate today, for today I complete three years of my blogging gig and it is special and though I’m nowhere near where I thought I’d be when last year I celebrated two years of blogging, I definitely am way ahead than where I thought I’d be when I first started out…..ahead in the sense, I learnt a ton from all you amazing people.
I have to thank each one of you here for your love, inspiration, kindness, motivation, words, poems, time and every single ‘like’ on anything I wrote, thanks a ton for your friendship, means a lot to me, I hope to stay here and be able to contribute more, read and learn and grow more, please stay with me on this journey, love this place for I met you here.
THANKS A MILLION for every kind and generous gesture, grateful eternally.
(would like to add I am no artist but I felt like drawing, found this beautiful picture of a painting on Pinterest and drew that here)

P.S. Inkomplete, the poem and sketch were done last year on the same day but I didn’t share it here, I had to today.