Aubade is a beautiful word which means
1 :a song or poem greeting the dawn
2 a :a morning love song
b :a song or poem of lovers parting at dawn
3 :morning music
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a humble wildflower
bent when it rained …
flirted with the sun
like a sunflower
beaming at it throughout …
swayed with the wind when it blew …
in the night held dew drops and
when the moonlight fell on her
she did shine like a midnight moonstone …
and when the first lambent sunrays
touched those dew drops …
she herself looked like an aubade …
unlike a lily or a rose
she didn’t have a scent of her own …
but she too craved attention and gradually
with her resilience this wildflower
charmed the universe …
from being insignificant to becoming
the song of this garden of sounds where she dwelled
this little one was growing …
disturbed never the madness inside her
she grounded it deep in her roots to
hold on tightly to the initially reluctant mud …

… in her world which was dominated by rose gold hues
this muted flower stood out for it’s persistent aura

©Seema Tabassum 2017
© 2017
All images and content copyright 2017
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P.S. I have told you in one of my recent posts that I will be putting pictures of my art journal(not really great) here along with the posts and so I have, only poetry is not art enough to me I’ve discovered. I have myself painted the wildflowers and weeds here( I am so happy doing this), I will hopefully get better at this journaling with a little practice and trial and error so please bear with me, thank you.

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