A Precious Summer (poem)


A precious summer gone,
now the monsoon will dawn,
upon the land rains lash,
and memories of a bygone summer flash.

Wish I could stop the rain,
rewind and relive summer again,
a beautiful summer it was,
worth every memory it brought.

Worth all the heartache each memory brings,
far in the distance a lark sings,
another summer will be here soon,
but will I be able to survive this monsoon.

Another summer will be here when it’s time,
but I wonder if by the next summer you’ll still be mine.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
©http://lifeshues.org 2015
All content and images copyright 2015
All rights reserved

*This water-coloured painting is done by me,hope you like.


  1. So lovely Seema. I heard about the monsoons but have never lived near one. Season are a funny thing, different everywhere. May your love life on and may the rains not be heavy.

    • Thank you for reading Sum and i’m happy you found my painting good,just tried something last year 🙂 monsoons are tough,everything gets dirty,it’s hard to like rain when you live in India but the majority of Indians love the rains i don’t relate to their excitement but do understand that rains are essential especially in a hot country like ours so i should stop complaining before Allah gets angry 🙂 i hope you are enjoying your summer sweetheart,need to see some fabulous pictures soon 🙂 love hugs always ♥

  2. I forgot to ask, I’d that beautiful image made by you? It looks lovely.

  3. This is the most beautiful thing that I read in the entire day and there’s no second thought in saying this. I’m so grateful that you directed me towards this piece, this is so tender and the way you have related seasons with the people and the end makes spellbound. I’m gonna write this piece in my diary and will preserve it :). Thank you so much for sharing.

    • thank you very much Aamir for your kindness and generosity, just made my day your words, needless to say that I love your work and find myself in awe of your poetry and that’s why I am beyond happy to read this, thank you for your kind support, Jazak Allah khair 🙂

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