Blogging was initially to document the highlights of my life for my son to read when he grows up, I always wrote poetry but never thought I’d be so inspired that this blog will become more a poetry blog than a personal one, that is life I guess, unpredictable.
My poetry is not autobiographical, I could be inspired by others, movies, everyday life, it could be anything, though I also do write from my own feelings, but my stories that I’ll be sharing here will be about my life, which I’d like to say is/was pretty extra-ordinary, it has been a series of miracles, where I’ve met the most beautiful people but of course roses and thorns, it’s been rough, the after effects are insanity(depends on what you think is insane) but I’m still up, still fighting and that is mostly because of my amazing husband who understands me as if he reads me, the most perfect man any woman could get, especially for someone like me he is a blessing, my brother and mother are my support system too, it’s them who think I should keep at writing.

About me, I am a mother first and to the most handsome boy on earth, I’d like to think(or be) I am a woman of principles and I take it very seriously, I lead by example and would want my son to be a sensitive, sensible, perceptive, compassionate, confident, righteous, non-judgemental and a strong person who stands up for what is right and I’m doing all that I can.
My whole life I’ve lived with this sense of not belonging anywhere, except I felt home in Japan where I lived for a long time, I consider it the motherland of my heart, my state of mind stems from the fact that I don’t identify with the people around me(except ofcourse my family), and I’ve lost a lot from my past, in order to cope with this I’ve always written, ever since I was little, it is the only respite I know, my coping mechanism is to get lost in my own world, I’m a dreamer I dream much but I do believe that I don’t express myself efficiently, eloquently, this blog is my exercise at improving myself.
I often wonder what would I do without these words, though I cannot take credit for writing, I often feel like I’m in a trance when writing, words descend from the skies and it’s like I have no role in this, like I’m just a medium, I am happy to be.

My biggest ambition apart from making my son the best is to be able to change lives(atleast one life), touch lives, make a difference, reach out and be there, I hope to connect with you on a deeper level through this blog, hope to take something from you and I’ll consider myself successful if you could take something from me, this is a journey and it would be great if you could walk with me, add to me what’s missing in me, hope to see more of you, thank you for stopping by.