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Welcome to my world. Blogging was initially to document the highlights of my life for my son to read when he grows up, I always wrote poetry but never thought I’d be so inspired that this blog will become more a poetry blog than a personal one, that is life I guess, unpredictable.
My poetry is seldom written from my feelings, often from borrowed emotions, or for prompts or drifting contemplations, there is no saying what inspires me, it could be anything…I feel like I am only a medium and the words descend upon me(not that I think I write great)…I’d like to think that I’m growing with each day, every day and it’s an on-going process. I also occasionally share stories about my life, which I’d like to say is/was pretty extra-ordinary, it has been a series of miracles, where I’ve met the most beautiful people but of course roses and thorns, meeting you through this blog is an amazing thing too, right.
I hope to be able to touch you through my poetry and story, thank you for stopping by, look forward to reading your feedback on my work.