Drifting Contemplations: At Hello (micropoetry)

“You had me at hello” is one of the most famous quotes/lines from the movie Jerry Maguire which happens to be one of my most favourite movies,there are many beautiful lines in the movie,I always use “help me,help you” (mostly I say that to my son) then there is “you complete me”, “I’m a cautionary tale”, “I’m cloaked in failure”, “jump right into my nightmare,the water’s warm”, “I love him for the man he wants to be and for the man he almost is”, “the journey is everything” and of course “show me the money”,I find the movie very inspiring,love the story too…so these two micro poems were inspired by the line “you had me at hello”…
“hello” or “how are you?” are simple greetings but it makes a whole lot of difference and these everyday greetings carry more weight when said by the people we love,isn’t it?
I hope you like these writes…hope you’re doing well and hope your day is beautiful(chuckles).

I said
I hope your day is beautiful…

I wanted to say
I love you beautiful

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016

I hope you’re doing well
kills me each time…
my heart wants to reply…

no I’m not…not without you…

©Seema Tabassum 2016
©lifeshues.org 2016
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P.S. I don’t always write about sad things,for some silly/funny please click here. Thank you.

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  1. Yes! Love that movie as well. Those quotes are ones I love as well. I have missed you ? sorry it has been hectic here. Have a lot to read now though ☺ beautiful quotes you have written. You’ll have to check out my blog. I mentioned you there ?

    • i have missed you too but Sum please don’t be or feel sorry you’re doing something you need to be doing now,attending to your kids…please take your time or don’t force yourself,okay…ooo I’m excited i need to see that blogpost right away 🙂 …love hugs girlie

  2. I an a hopelessly hopeful romantic. I love Jerry McGuire and your words capture the “you had me at hello” feelings…Beautiful and well-written as always ?

    I will have to listen to Secret Garden by Springsteen now…it perfectly fit the movie & is one of my favorite songs 🙂

    • Jerry Maguire is one great movie,I don’t know why it is not very popular or is it there? I love that you think that my poetry captures the feelings of that great line,I love that song too and have also shared it on g+ 🙂 love and hugs for your time and kind words Sandy,you don’t know what it means to me.

  3. You’re not alone Sandy! I still swoon at the thought of those words. So darn romantic, I tell you!

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