To My Dearest Aunt Kathleen ( a couple of poems)

I’ll start by wishing my dearest Aunt Kathleen a very happy birthday and that these poems were written to her ages ago on two different occasions,one obviously for her birthday and the other when I was missing her when she was not in town,she’s a gem of a person,one of my most favourite people,I wish for her all that her heart desires today and everyday…

Happy Birthday To Aunt Kathleen

Happy Birthday Aunt Kathleen
happy birthday to you
may you never lose your unmatched sheen
kindness and your captivating charm too…
You always enlighten me with your wisdom
and you leave me in awe of your dedication
towards all things that make your heart hum
also cherish our special connection…
I feel blessed to have known you
and I’ve never really shown you
that you are among my favourite few
and how much I appreciate opinion from the very knowledgeable you…
so this one’s for the livewire that you are
and the most zealous by far
may you have the best birthday yet and a great year too
Happy Birthday Aunt Kathleen
happy birthday to you

©Seema Tabassum

To My Dearest Aunt Kathleen

Hello,Miss.’Smiling Irish Eyes’,
don’t hear much from you,
I miss you loads,almost thrice,
but soon I’ll see you.

Before that I have to say,
that though time’s less,
I never forget to pray,
pray that you are fine and that God bless.

I hope you haven’t forgotten me,
now sometimes in my dreams you come,
your thought alone makes me feel glee,
I hope for me in your mind you have place some.

You are one of my most favourite people on earth,
I miss you and love you a ton,
love for you,of that there’s no dearth,
cause you’re special,in the whole wide world just one.

I hope the world down under is treating you fine,
I’m sure you must’ve made beautiful memories of good times,
I hope you’re thinking of me,the way I am of you,
and on this side of the world,there’s never a day that goes by without me thinking of you.

Love you loads,Aunt Kathleen.

©Seema Tabassum 2015
© 2015
All content and images copyright 2015
All rights reserved

* Aunt Kathleen is my friend Karen’s mother,we bond like a house on fire.She’s beautiful,thoughtful,caring,kindhearted,sensible,profound but also immense fun and young at heart.Before blogging,i used to ask her to review my poems and she’d indulge me with a feedback always.Infact she’s the one who suggested that i put my poems on a site.I’m thankful to her for a lot of things,esp.for the support she’s been but mostly for being there for me when she needn’t have to.When Abbu came into this world,Aunty was there with me throughout for 8 hours or so inspite of my Mom being there for me and she was the one who announced that i delivered a boy,i always wanted a boy and in India the law forbids knowing the sex of the baby before delivery.So it was such a joy to hear esp.from Aunty that i was blessed with a boy,i remember her saying “Seema you did it” and i was then handed Abbu and i cried and laughed and we hugged.I can never in my life forget what immense love and support and some shouting too i got from Aunty dearest.She’s special,we’re special.Love her and her name Kathleen in Irish means “Smiling Irish Eyes”. She’s in Australia visiting her son and she’s been gone a long time,i hope she comes back safe and sound and soon.Her i love,miss and think about.

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  1. Beautiful tributes ~ your heart shines

  2. Lovely words Seema. She sounds like a lovely woman. Ever So glad she encouraged you. You’ll have to give her a huge hug from me when you see her to thank her. Otherwise we might not have met.

    • so true Sum,I should and will do that for you and for myself,she is an encourager and a kind heart 🙂 love and hugs girlie …thank you very much for your reading 🙂

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