Drifting Contemplations: Embrace (15words poetry)

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what are binary options investopedia\'A=0 15words poetry is all thanks to a community in google plus which was started by it’s owner as a challenge to combat writers block and free up the mind of words.It became a challenge that many writers took up,and then grew into a community.The link to the community is https://plus.google.com/communities/105694452128547059689
I’m a member here and it serves as a source of inspiration to me,it has helped me a lot in growing as a poet,yes,I always read micropoetry and marvelled at the talent of those who wrote,because it really is difficult to write a poem,make a point in short verse and 15words is another challenge all together,I’m hooked,I’ll be posting more of this,I hope you find the time to read.

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