Drifting Contemplations: Impetuous (15words poetry)



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15words poetry is all thanks to a community in google plus which was started by it’s owner as a challenge to combat writers block and free up the mind of words.It became a challenge that many writers took up,and then grew into a community.The link to the community is https://plus.google.com/communities/105694452128547059689
I’m a member here and it serves as a source of inspiration to me,it has helped me a lot in growing as a poet,yes,I always read micropoetry and marvelled at the talent of those who wrote,because it really is difficult to write a poem,make a point in short verse and 15words is another challenge all together,I’m hooked,I’ll be posting more of this,I hope you find the time to read.


  1. Lovely words but painful too. Never easy to love. Never easy to give your heart. Yours is a beautiful pen.

    • how sweet and kind!! thank you very much for reading and for leaving such spirit lifting words Sum,if you say i write nice then i am honoured 🙂 but you write better 🙂 love hugs always ♥

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