Drifting Contemplations: Name (micropoetry)



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  1. Oh Seema, these are such beautiful words, as always from you! Wow, the images and your font choice *really* serve these pieces well. It adds something to them that simple words alone don’t often have – something that makes each word and line and stanza that much more emotional.

    You say that I inspired you to post your poetry, but it’s you who inspires me, now. You always come up with wonderful, original writings! Honestly. You’re a great, great writer.

    Wishing you all the best, my friend. 🙂

    • firstly OMG!!!! thanks a gazillion for your heartwarming and frankly eye-moistening words I couldn’t help myself …. Eve what and how do i say,i just showed this to my hubby then your blog and of those days when i used to read and wonder if i could ever write like you and frankly i am now here because i read and learnt and grew with each poem of your’s and many friends here…i still have a long way to go for i have you to look up to ….i’m truly touched moved and everything synonymous with that by your words here,i’m immensely happy you think i write well …and these photos i am grateful i get to borrow,without these i don’t know how’d my poems look …. choosing,editing,writing on pictures takes more time than actually writing a poem so i appreciate the fact that you appreciate that part of my posts …oh gosh i can’t stop rambling….sorry…thanks a ton for making my day Eve,just on the 18th of this month i’ll be completing two years of blogging,your comment here is like a trophy for the celebration of surviving two years …frankly i was a little low today but you made my month grand..thank you very much my friend…i have so much to figure out yet,i’m still a techphobe but i hope to keep writing atleast,thanks a ton,i’ll see you on your blog and get some more inspiration from there…love hugs…thank you for stopping by ?

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