Drifting Contemplations:Senses-shayari(urdu)& translation

Sher (couplet) here in Roman Urdu:

hamaarey junoon mein koi kamee nahi thii
bas seyhat ney saath nahi diya
kuudhney hii waaley thei ishq key dariya mein
aen waqt hoash aa gaya


There was no dearth of passion
just that my health didn’t agree
I was about to dive into the river of love
in the nick of time my brain came to it’s senses (darn it)

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picture courtesy : pixabay.com

Urdu is a beautiful language spoken in India,it is the official language of Pakistan.Urdu has it’s roots in Persian,shayari is poetry in Urdu,a couplet usually ends with a punch that brings the whole verse together.


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