Fragrant Onset Of A New Day (poem)

As soon as we wake up
our feet take us to the bed on which you sleep…
it comes as naturally as breathing
now a deeply embedded habit…
we find ourselves on your bed
lying on your sheets…
that place we feel like we’re in your arms
for those sheets wear the smell of your skin…
from it’s onset the day is fragrant
and sunshine of your presence is always lingering…
on your bed we hug and cuddle each other too
we mother and son both are crazy about you our darling

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

Happy Birthday Honey,thank you for always being fragrantly you.

Another poem which was written for us is Stark Contrast

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  1. Such a beautiful poem and wow what a title!!! You are doing a fabulous job!

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