If I Could (poem)

This poem could be the truest poem I’ve ever written,written as me,I wish and if I could…
I need to keep telling myself that I indeed had a childhood for I have lost many from that beautiful time,all have drifted and what I have in my hands are the bones of my childhood…
I wonder…if I could…what would change…

If I could I would rewind time
visit childhood of mine
bring people from there somehow
relocate them in the now…
If I could I would gather the giggles and laughter
that left went with my father
joys would revisit again
like flowers on this heart’s parched plain…
If I could I would hold my Daddy’s hand
walk with him on our playground’s sand
hear him speak once more
in that voice which I recall no more…
If I could I would record his voice this time around
so as to never forget how it used to surround
and envelope my heart with it’s sweetness
that would be an extra ordinary gift to myself…
If I could I would gather the memories all
select play relive have them on call
this emptiness in my heart would then lose face
all that would be left would be a warm caress…
If I could I would see them all again
my Daddy his immediate family his friends
store those freshly-made memories in neatly stacked files
relive them whenever I need to assure myself that I had a life…
…I wish I could

©Seema Tabassum 2015
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Twenty two years ago we lost our Daddy and our world was never the same,the ripples still resonate,the pain doesn’t fade,all empty when we think of him.This is to the beautiful memories of him and our childhood.We miss him no less than that fateful day,forgotten no more than that day,all intact,right there,nothing changes,only the days change.

For another very personal post of mine which deals with life after my Daddy and the time when we learnt he left us click here. Thank you.


  1. Sad reminiscence of your childhood dear Seema penned down with so much emotion. I ❤️ Your poesy …

    • Thank you very much Anita,for your time and kind words,I’m beyond happy that you like my poesy 🙂 that means a lot and likewise i must say,i love reading you 🙂 ❤

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