Lost and Found: A Leaves’ Story (short story/poem)

This short story/poem was written for a ten-word prompt by my very talented and dearest friend Sumyanna who writes amazingly beautiful,do check her blog,it is inspiring and breathtakingly beautiful and I always end up crying at the beauty of her words and I’m deeply grateful to Sum for her friendship and inspiration and prompts which give new dimension to my poetry(in my humble opinion)…
and like I said in my previous posts that I’m still in Autumn mode so this too was written keeping the splendid autumn leaves in mind and though my friend Sumyannna’s prompt requires me to use three words minimum I always use all,it helps my poem expand,some more length is good isn’t it? I’ve loved writing,I hope you like reading.

Two leaf-buds of
different trees…
the tips of the branches
of which
almost managed
to graze each other
each time the wind blew
one towards the other
fell in love
at first sight…
while these leaves
yearned to touch
and hear the other’s voice
waiting was all they did
in addition to
being punished
by the gentle teasing
of the senses
by their shy glances…

waiting through summer and rain
for autumn to wither…
to shed their inhibitions…
to get acquainted…
to finally meet…
to be blown by the wind
to dance together
a waltz or a foxtrot
like in their dreams they did…
they had a doubt too…
wondered if the other
was just as madly in love…
wondered if this
bubble of a world
of which the base
was love
would just pop upon
knowing the other’s heart…
worried if the
death that they now
so desire and looks so sweet
would kill their hearts too…

soon came the autumn wind
and shook them
off of the trees…
giddy with anticipation
floated and glided happily…
all worry was laid to rest
when they saw
the same desperation
and eagerness in the other
to reach out to touch…
their hearts were introduced
to a joy and peace
and excitement
they never had expected…
their hearts beat
to the same rhythm
and for brief moments
the leaves swirled together…

but very soon
a violent wind
blew them apart
and carried them
over shaved wheat fields…
one leaf was carried
and mercilessly hooked
to a barbed wire fence…
the other was thrown on a
flowing stream instead…
the leaf that was on the fence
looked helplessly
while the love of it’s now dying life
drifted out of sight…
the other leaf
that was powerless too and
too frail to fight the current
of the running brook
fought in vain to get one last look
but was pushed away ruthlessly…
born for each other they were
but never meant to be…

©Seema Tabassum 2017
©lifeshues.org 2017
All content and images copyright 2017
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picture courtesy : https://unsplash.com/

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  1. I can imagine the shyness of the branches, the breeze tickling their senses, hidden glances, the whole thing. Really beautiful write – and so incredibly glad you chose to write for the prompt. You did a fabulous job. My! I do like when you write for the prompts 🙂

    • haha,thank you Sum,you make me feel great Sum,it’s bad for my ego :)) I love you for being the kindest support to my poetry and me,love that you care and love your prompts,love that you like what I wrote 🙂 makes me immensely happy 🙂 thank you Sum,love and hugs

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