Lost Forever

Lost forever…
though I have not as many memorable moments
as I should have and his voice eludes my memory
I have a mountain of anger and a sea of love
for this man from who I come…
I loathe the fact that he was never around
and long to know more about him and so
I love everybody who have him in their memories
for his memories are precious…
I’d die to know him more
now as an adult to understand him more
would die to know the fine nuances that made him special
though his absence is eternal now
his presence is equally persistent…
he lives in me through these handful of memories
that my mind has managed to hang on to…
he is a constant in my life after his demise
ironically he was not always around due to his work when he was alive…
my struggle mostly is not knowing much about this icon of a man
and knowing very little to judge him well
and with the fact that I don’t know how much of him I have in me
of what I am carrying forward of his…
I wonder what traits of him my son has
it is disheartening to see my son and not find my Dad in him
he may have a bit of my father in him but the pain is I don’t recognise that
….all I have to say is that I can never get over my Daddy…
for I carry him in me…he is a constant will always be…
will never leave…I carry him in my heart,he is alive still,as long as my heart beats he is alive,
I know that and if my son longs for my presence after I’m gone as much as I long for my Dad’s
I’ll consider myself successful and my time on earth fruitful,meaningful

©Seema Tabassum 2016
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  1. …lucid poetic mood but melancholy… sometimes sad
    … with heartfelt writing
    Thank you Seema

  2. Wow. Speechless at your loss and the graceful way you expressed it. Is this pic really your father?

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