Meaning To My Life (poem)

We all have things in the past, demons inside our heads, insecurities, shortcomings, complexes and a sense of purpose, all these we choke on and we need to find release, something that diverts yet propels us in the direction where we can find some kind of a mutual ground between dreams and reality, if we’re lucky the escape becomes the meaning to our life. In a minuscule way I have kind of stumbled upon that mutual ground is what I like to think, I maybe wrong though, for I can see not the big picture and also life is notorious for being unpredictable.

I once woke up looking for the meaning to my life
and strangely thought I’ll find it near the sea…
the waves would look for it and come
running back with empty hands to me…
I didn’t have it in me then
the patience to chase it any more…
I went back to my mind-slumber
and retreated back into my chaos…

soon enough I was choking on my
thoughts feeling constrained in my mind…
I had to release those before
my sanity was jeopardised…
I instinctively wrapped my fingers around a pen
and my fingertips bled words…
the blotches on my pages was the meaning to my life
coming back to me over time in these blood spurts

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  1. Yes! Write it out. It is good medicine. I sometimes wonder if I will ever understand anything, but I keep on writing!

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