Mooning Over You (poem)

moon 1

moon 2

while you sleep miles
away from me by your
thoughts I’m consumed

looks like the moon too
borrows light from
your face my beautiful

I wonder if the world
is under one sky then this
moon you get a look at too

shall I make it a surface
on which I write then the whole
world can see my love for you

or shall I make it
the mirror to see your
reflection my wonderful

same sky same moon
but miles away someone else
lingers in your perfume

and here I sigh
and sleep none and
decay and no roses bloom

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All images and content copyright 2016
All rights reserved

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*It was a full moon night,it demanded a post 🙂


  1. “looks like the moon too
    borrows light from
    your face my beautiful”

    I like this, great writing!

  2. I feel like my lost has been found ahhh,, Your words went straight through my very being.I( feel) I know you.Mayfbey from a past life?Or maybe from this life that I just can’t let go of….I didn’t ask but I know when it’s real and belongs no matter what trials and tribulations present them selves I will not give up on this love??????☝️?

    • thank you very much for reading Lilith, I am happy that you could relate to my poem, write it on a paper and send it to the one you love, please credit me as the poet though 🙂 I hope you find what you are looking for, God bless.

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