Rêve Blanc (poem)

Winter’s come and gone and I still haven’t put up anything about it on the blog yet, so, here is my first winter poem of the year, `Rêve Blanc’ meaning `White Dream’, isn’t blanc snow in winter like a dream, all consuming and memerising, like an endless sheet spread over the scenery to make the ugly and unchaste look beautiful and pure…

a dream white
spreads from the lands to the skies…
it’s dazzling mystery
has engulfed me…
I can’t see beyond
cannot turn around…
the magic initially soft
then surrounds and makes a fossil of your heart…
there’s music in the way it moves
and that is the music I find my mind dancing to…
getting over it’s spell is an arduous task
my heart beats violently at it’s art…
just it’s name and shivers run down my spine
it’s flawless vulnerable beauty is sublime…
I have this insane urge to bury myself under it
I close my eyes and I find myself drifting…
in this hypnotized state
where I’m unsure if I’m asleep or awake…
each night I walk in the mist that comes with it
looking for and walking in…
the white dream

©Seema Tabassum 2017
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picture courtesy: pixabay.com

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  1. … Very beautiful, thank you

  2. Absolutely beautiful dream. Love this! Love where your poetry is going 🙂

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