Rusting In Peace (poem)

You think the whole world
runs on your energy

you keep at it

the illusion

the sacrifice that it takes
to run the world
lest the world fall without you

you accidentally fall into a pit

the world is left abandoned

your only struggle now
is to get out of this pit
though the world is a constant
on your mind

you wonder how it must’ve stopped
without you to run
without your blood
your nights that you stay awake
just so that you can run it

but you fell
not your fault

you struggle

you come out

you’re tired
from the climbing
back out of that pit

you fall asleep

you wake up terrified
cursing yourself
for having left the world to itself

worry to death about it
almost die of anxiety

finally finally finally
you stumble towards world

you’re relieved to find
but worried to look
what chaos you might see

but but but

the world was running
just the same
just as smoothly
not a frown
not a line on it’s forehead

and you wonder
What The Heck
were you contributing to

you fall right back into the pit
only this time to ponder about
your contributions to the world
if any

©Seema Tabassum 2016
© 2016
All content and images copyright 2016
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  1. Oh I have felt this. Wonderful write. Do I make a difference at all?

    • my big daily question Sum… turn it around in to a motto of sorts … “do i make a difference…. i shall live like i should be…to at least one…or what’s the point”
      thanks a gazillion for your time my sweet hugs and Hulk Smash it is 🙂 and yes girlie to me you do…make a massive difference and matter very much …honestly …. love you

  2. Yes, I can relate to this Seema. Nicely elaborated and presented.
    We are affected by the world much more than it is by us!

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