A Small Note For His Birthday

August 25th was my husband’s 42nd birthday, as luck would have it my internet connection was bad that day, then the birthday was belated and as always I was lost doing other stuff and posting this note for his birthday got delayed. Also I haven’t been around, I was busy with Instagram and life and a new hobby, journaling, I love doing creative stuff, only poetry was not fun enough I guess, so I did some art and fell for the process, hopefully from now on all my posts are going to have pictures of my journal page on which the poem in the post will be written, I hope you find this good enough, of course there is a lot to learn and practice, so please bear with me, thank you very much.
This is kind of a letter or a poem addressed to my hubby or talking about my hubby, I don’t know, this is what I wrote and I am putting this up because this was pure emotion, I didn’t edit anything, just put it the way it came to me.
Below this is a video of my honey riding an Enfield 350cc bike, I love watching him ride it, also reminds me of my father, he used to ride an Enfield too, so I am fangirling over my hubby in the video and always (smiles) …

this Urdu song from an Indian movie fits perfectly in our story, Masha Allah, rough translation to the song in the background is as follows (I don’t claim to be an expert) :
what has life conspired
all my heart’s desires have come true …
one wish I had and it reached you my God
how did you hear my silence my God …
this obsession of mine has brought me near to you …
this obsession is mercy from you my God …

a friend of mine wrote a poem about someone who’s child like and caring and instantly my mind is drawn to you, to the things you love, your gentle hands that pour out love when they touch my face, I can feel the love in your veins, how you water that plant of your’s diligently and even when you are away you worry about it, how your eyes light up each time you see a leaf of it sprouting, how you are more of a mother to Abbu, how you worry if he’s safe and if he ate, how you clean your stuff and how you love our things just like I do, how you fall in love with everything I bring home and how you bring stuff for home even if we can’t spare an inch of space, how our dreams are the same, how you’ve changed over the years to accommodate me, how you’ve dyed yourself in colours of me, how you’ve painted me in your beautiful colours, how you are so athletic, reflexive and nimble, how you are so soft spoken and intensely funny, how you crack me up, how you mimic people, how you are such a riot, how you don’t show that you’re tired even after a long day, how you see us and your face lights up, how you are constantly giving and giving yourself in a million ways, how you tell me that you love my writing most. I could go on but I love most that you are you, love you honey …

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  1. Deer this is just just amazing I really don’t have words to write…. Again and again I fall in love with you. . …..???? Lovely vedio just ……. …… mashallah

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