Something Special for Abbu (from our very special friend)

This short but very sweet poem was written by my friend who has become Abbu’s(my ten year old son) friend too and Abbu and I love reading his poems and the great posts he shares on his BLOG,this beautiful gesture is most appreciated…

“Shub Naya Baras”
…or a dance for my young friend Abbu

Far from the pleasures of snow
There is my young friend Abbu
who, towards the starry vault, blew
a gaiety morning breeze like a rebirth
The most white and wonderful ice floe
was formed on a part of the Earth
All the fallen stars dance for Bada din
giving to all children a broad grin

2016 ~ © M2L – Manache Poetry


  1. 🙂 … You do me a lot of honor, merci.
    A thought for you 3 BeautyFamily… et spécialement pour Abbu10StarsInOurSky 🙂

  2. So very sweet! Wonderful tribute to your little man!

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